In duo with drummer Aigar Vals

A simplified classification of my live performances:

  1. A solo performance – Usually I perform solo using different jew’s harps, looper, live-electronics, guitar and effects creating an immersive and hypnotic sound. I improvise a lot and like to be spontaneous but usually stuff of a wide variety can be heard, ranging from buzzing ambient jew’s harp drones to 180bpm hardcore fire.
  2. In duo with a live drummer – More natural sounding and less techno than my solo performance but still gets quite hypnotic.
  3. Audiovisual experimental piece – I created a special technical solution allowing me to automatically synchronize rhythm samples with according video clips. I can use conceptual input by the organizer of the event to prerecord and use specific audiovisual samples.

I am open to all kinds of questions and offers about possible performances. Get in contact using the contact form below!

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