Hi! I’m meisterjaan. I make semi-electronic music using mostly the ancient jew’s harps and analog synthesizers, creating a bridge between the ancient and modern world.

You can contact me: meisterjaan (at) gmail (dot) youknowhat.

Here are some of my works:

My second album, “Ilusad illusioonid” (2015). The story about getting lost and finding myself. The album features my first real hit “Bambusest laev” ↓

Single “Parmupillihullus” (2015). A pop song about the spectacular life of a jew’s harp player – it’s the song that made me known nationwide ↓

My third album, “Monohõim” (2017). Me imagining myself as a tribe, the “Monotribe”. ↓

My newest video, “Yomidaiganesmees” (2017) ↓