(btw, I have bandcamp and soundcloud)

I have done and will continue to do different kinds of stuff. If you’re new to my stuff, I’d recommend starting listening from “Ilusad illusioonid” and “Mälestusi kiviajast”. You can also check out a mixtape of my tracks I made – “Fruits of Being Lost”. Otherwise, here’s my full discography, go crazy:


  1. “Algelised katsetused” (2014) – My first weird one 🙂
  2. Ilusad illusioonid” (2015) – You could call it a breakthrough. Containing the hit “Bambusest laev”.
  3. “Monohõim” (2017) – Fully instrumental, simple, experimental.
  4. “Tüdrukud, elekter ja tuul” (2019) – Attempted to make pop music and without jew’s harp this time. Some tracks are pretty good.
  5. “Mälestusi kiviajast” – A selection of experiments conducted with the intention of searcing for my ancient roots. Lot of jaw harp


  1. Meister & Mari – Unemati (2011)
  2. Meister & Mari – Hardcore Armastus (2012)
  3. Armastus – Young Girl (2012)
  4. Rebase nõidus (2015)
  5. Parmupillihullus (2016)
  6. Jaw harp player (2016)
  7. Kas sul on jõudu, et vaadata puukoort (2017)
  8. Tont-Jaak (2017)
  9. Vargan MILF (2020)

Music videos

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